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What support is there for my business during Covid-19?

8 December 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on small businesses in 2020, especially those who cannot operate remotely. However, since lockdown was first introduced in March, there have been various measures put in place by the UK government to help businesses and their employees through this extremely difficult time. So, what support is there for you Read More

The top risks Currently facing UK businesses

24 November 2020

From a recent survey conducted by The World Economic Forum (WEF), it has been suggested that cyberattacks are the top risk facing businesses today. Cybercrime also ranked as the top risk in 2019, which tells us that this concern is only growing each year for business owners and operators.  Within the WEF study, 12,000 business Read More

How Does Public Liability Insurance Apply To Your Business?

10 August 2020

Public liability insurance is an insurance coverage for business owners. The cover will protect you if your business is ever brought to court by a customer, client or someone in the public. If your business is unfortunately sued, public liability insurance will cover costs of any legal defense along with compensation and pay outs you Read More

A Guide To Tradesman Insurance

It’s common knowledge that the role of a tradesman is one of the riskiest and most diverse fields to work in. To properly protect your business, your employees, members of the public and yourself, it is necessary to secure an insurance policy that acts as an overall protection for your business. Find out more about Read More

Electric vehicles

Transition To Electric Vehicles

3 July 2020

The UK has set a green industrial revolution for the automotive industry with the transition to vehicles with some form of electrification. The UK is already well placed to commit to the transition and has been working on ways to encourage more and more of the population to make the switch. A transition to zero Read More

Are you covered

Terror Cover? What Is It And Do I Need It?

With the coronavirus pandemic creating seismic waves through the insurance market, terror insurance has understandably taken a backseat compared to other seemingly more relevant policies such as cyber and business continuity. However, with recent events in Reading bringing terrorism back to the front pages, it is important to consider this cover for your business. The Read More

Most claims - fire risks

Five Claims That Increased Over Lockdown

With most of us spending more time in our homes over the last quarter of the year, it will come as no surprise that reported accidents at home have indeed increased. This is seen most prevalently in fire claims – with a 91% increase in claims between March and May alone, according to Lloyds Bank. Read More


Directors and Office Insurance

As a company officer or director, you can be held personally liable for decisions that you have made or actions that you have taken that go beyond the responsibilities of your role. This means that should an employee, shareholder or regulatory body find fault with your decision making, they can make claims against you, with Read More

Easyjet databreach

EasyJet Data Breach

Yet another huge firm has been hit by a sophisticated cyber-attack this year – this time the victim being easyJet. With the attack affecting more than 9 million customers, serious questions will be posed around the safety of easyJet’s online services and it once again shines a spotlight on the importance of cyber security and Read More

How To Spot A Phishing Email

30 June 2020

Phishing emails are the most common way that hackers can compromise your computer systems. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their traps to hack businesses including increasingly realistic phishing emails. A study by Capeterra found that during lockdown almost a third of UK workers at SMEs have been victim to phishing emails. Hackers have been Read More

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